"Whoever achieves all his goals, has set them too low." 

Herbert von Karajan

Tracey Webb-Kolbinger

Choral director, pianist, lyricist


Virtuos Voices, Pop- und Jazzchor, Simonswald, seit 2005

Scat'n Types Jazzchor, Frauenchor aus Egringen, seit 2021

Rockchor Ötlingen, gemischter Pop- und Rockchor, seit 2024

Frühere Tätigkeiten:

MGV Eintracht Simonswald 1893 e.V., klassischer Chor (2006-2019)

MGV Eintracht Hugstetten (Okt. 2015 bis Juli 2016 als Schwangerschaftsvertretung)

Arion Singers, Waldkirch (2004-2006)

MGV Arion e.V., Waldkirch (1998-2006)

The Broadway Singers, Emmendingen (1990-1995)



Master of Music, magna cum laude, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston


Prüfung der künstlerischen Reife, Staatliche Hochschule für Music, Freiburg, Germany


Bachelor of Music, University of Georgia, Athens


Converse College, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Piano studies with Dr. George Lucktenberg



Participation in the "Landeschorwettbewerb Baden-Württemberg" (Choral Competition of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg) in the category G.1 Popular Choral Music


The Virtuos Voices receive the prestigious title "Konzertchor Jazz/Pop" at the 9th Baden Choral Competition.

See the article in the Badischer Zeitung


As a singer or pianist I am musically active beyond my role as a choral director. 

Here are my recent projects.

"LINIE 1" Musical, Waldkirch, 2024

From January to February 2024 I rehearsed with the Virtuos Voices to perform in the musical "Linie 1", a production by the Jugendtheater Waldkirch (Young Adult Theater Waldkirch). 10-12 singers performed eight songs as passengers in the Berlin subway. I accompanied them on the E-Piano for all 11 performances from February to March. It was a lot of work in a short amount of time, but we all enjoyed it in the long run.

SONNTAGSCHOR RHEINLAND-PFALZ (November 2010 to June 2020)

During a casting in October and November 2010, I was chosen from over 500 applicants to sing soprano with the SonntagsChor Rheinland-Pfalz (formerly SWR SonntagsChor). I was also engaged as the pianist and accompanied the SonntagsChor on the songs that were not a cappella. Singing under another conductor also helped me with my choral directing. 

Photo: Tracey Webb-Kolbinger

Photo: SonntagsChor RLP

"THE ADDAMS FAMILY" Musical, Freiburg, 2017 

From January to July 2017 I played keyboards in the stage orchestra of the musical production of “The Addams Family” at the “Kleines Haus” in the Stadttheater Freiburg. It was so much fun for the singers, actors and musicians, as well as the audience.

See more photos of "The Addams Family" here.

"SONNENSCHEIN" Musical, Waldkirch-Kollnau, 2016

I’ve always wanted to sing in a musical, and was chosen to sing the element Water in the Musical “Sonnenschein” (Sunshine) in Waldkirch-Kollnau.  The casting was in March, followed by regular rehearsals from May until the two performances in November 2016.

See the Article in the Badische Zeitung (in German)

Photo: Badische Zeitung